Bloody Mary


Just getting in the festive spirit knowing that at the weekend, the two best christmas tree decorators ever (a small Brighton-based company) will be in the house, and so Bloody Mary will no doubt join us – the drink, not the aged aunty.

Just a question – does anyone know why it’s called that?

And while we’re on the subject, what’s your Christmas beverage of choice?

Happy Advent (hic) xx

4 Responses to “Bloody Mary”

  1. Sue Fortin says:

    Sounds like a nice weekend ahead.

    Can’t help you on the Bloody Mary front.

    Personally, it’s not Christmas for me until the Baileys is open, and it has to be with ice.


  2. Jan Brigden says:

    Festive spirit well and truly underway my end too, Ce. Tree went up yesterday afternoon (obviously a “small” Baileys over ice was needed to accompany this task!”)Sounds like you’re in for a lovely weekend.

    Like Sue, I can’t help on the naming of the Bloody Mary front, I’m afraid.

    Festive spirit of choice … erm … Baileys, mulled wine, red wine, sherry … better stop there 😉 Xx

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