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59, MEMORY LANE – HarperCollins – Summer 2019

May Rosevere has lived in the Cornish village of Pengelly almost all her life. And it’s been a long life, for May is just three months shy of her 111th birthday. May claims her longevity is a result of clean living: four slices of toast with butter every morning and a few glasses of sherry in the evening, but the truth is, May is nursing a secret. She is a memory harvester, someone whose youthful appearance and long life is the result of living off the memory echoes of others. These echoes are imparted into objects people leave behind, which May has spent her life collecting.

May is desperate to reach what she sees as the magical age of 111, but living alone with few visitors means it’s hard to come by objects that hold new memories. In her attempt to prolong her life, May makes some big decisions, the consequences of which she could never have foreseen…

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